Thursday, July 25, 2013

Singapore (part I).

103. That is the amount of days left until my upcoming fall trip! And because that's coming up, it's motivated me to finally put up my photos from my trip last summer to Singapore. (It was the last stop that Carli and I made after Australia and Bali!) I can't believe it's almost been one whole year since then...time is flying.

Singapore is absolutely stunning. (I mean, look at the skyline, above!) The country is super clean--which if you know me, you know I loved--to the point where you are not even allowed to chew gum. They don't want to risk gum being spit out, and littering will result in a huge fine! And speaking of laws, drugs are completely prohibited. To the point where you will receive a death penalty if caught with any!

Shopping and dining are two major pastimes in Singapore. I must say though, it is pretty expensive. Carli and I learned that pretty quickly when we were poolside at our hotel, waiting to check-in. We ordered 2 coffees and the total came to $20.00! Granted, we were at a nice hotel...we wanted to bookend the trip with more of a luxurious stay--which is why we only stayed for 2 nights! But, it was entirely worth it.
^^Our $20.00 coffees.
^^A view from our hotel! We were pretty high up, so the view was stunning. Oh, it rains--or pours--randomly throughout the day (which is the norm!)...this is why it's kind of foggy / why we were taking photos from our hotel balcony. It's also why you will spot many people with umbrellas, as an accessory.
^^After this photo was taken, I got yelled at for taking photos. Apparently, photography is not allowed in the metro station.
^^People had stopped to ask Carli and I to take photos with them. We were unsure if they had mistaken us for celebrities..?!
^^Because more people joined in for photos.
^^This is the beautiful view from our adjoining hotel's restaurant, New Asia. It was on the 72nd floor, and where Carli and I had dinner both nights.
^^A view of the Singapore Flyer!
^^Easily one of the best breakfasts I've ever eaten. 
^^Topshop shopping and self-portaits.
Anddd despite the great cuisines, we had to keep it real and get delivery McDonald's for one meal. It was raining and we didn't want to go out. That was about enough justification for us. It was also a nod to Bali, where we got delivery McD's on our very first night :)

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