Friday, July 19, 2013

Signs you're from New England.

My friend Dan just sent me this link, and boy, is it accurate. Here are some of my thoughts after scrolling through the site:
  1. I want a frappe. And just realized I haven't heard anyone say "frappe" in the almost 9 years I've lived here in LA.
  2. Who says "traffic circle?!" (Note: my mother's GPS does.)
  3. Tom Brady can simply do no wrong.
  4. I also want a box of munchkins from DD.
  5. As soon as I read "Bernie and Phyl's," I immediately proceeded to think "quality, comfort and price! (That's nice.)"
  6. "Wicked" is probably the best word ever.
  7. New England sports = religion. Amen.
  8. Aggressive drivers / pedestrians help make us native Massachusetts folks "Massholes."
  9. Clam chowdah is so good back East. A chowdah bread bowl is the third thing I'm now craving.
  10. I'm kind of glad I haven't shoveled in almost a decade.

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