Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Must Make - "The ultimate club sandwich."

I totally stole this from Joy the Baker. THIS is the ultimate club sandwich, and it's deserving of it's title.

A sandwich isn't super hard to make...except that it kind of is. The right combinations and quality of components (like the turkey and cheese) are key, and it's made me wonder why I don't make sandwiches more often. I'm definitely going to make them a weekly thing now.

I had planned on watching the Bachelorette with the bf this past week, and I felt like making the night a bit more masculine for his sake. So, sandwiches, chips and fruit were my way of doing it.
A creamy brie (with the rind) is placed on one side of French bread, along with tomatoes (for his sandwich, because I'm boring and don't like them)...
                                                                      Then you add some spinach....
"His and hers." Or, "normal and boring."
 And then on the other side of the bread, you smear some good quality mustard, then add roasted turkey,  turkey bacon (or regular bacon, depending on preference), and avocado. Then you just press it together!
I didn't feel like going all the way to my roof ("all the way..." I know, it sounds horrible), so I just grilled them stove-top...
And voila! You have an "ultimate club." 
I quickly skewered some fruit too, mainly for the presentation...and so I wouldn't stuff my face with chips. But I still did that anyway--who am I kidding.

Seriously though, make this.

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