Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Must Make - Asparagus Benedict.

Last night, I felt like a brand new mother. My little dog Ziggy cried every hour on the hour--throughout the whole night. And today, I am exhausted.

We went on a hike this past Sunday, and both of my dogs managed to cut up their paws...and it's completely broken my heart to see them in pain. In order to be selfish and make myself feel better about not being able to do anything for them, I turned to food (natch). I wanted to try and start my day with a good breakfast, and with something I never make, so when I was catching up with my blog readings this morning and came across asparagus Benedict, I knew I had to make that.

It's pretty simple actually: toast some good bread, roast some asparagus with salt and pepper in an oven at 350° and make eggs of your choice. I fried an egg quick, mainly for the presentation, and placed it over the toast. (I also googled how to poach an egg, and came across the Smitten Kitchen's recipe, if you're interested.) Then I put the asparagus on top of the egg, and used this recipe for Hollandaise sauce, which I put on top!

And like that, I feel better.

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