Monday, July 29, 2013

Engagement box.

My sweet and easily one of my dearest friends, Rachel, got engaged recently (yay!)! I wanted to get her something to celebrate but didn't really know where to start, so then I got the idea to just make her an "engagement box" and send a bunch of wedding-related things her way. I went to Target and found a filing box that was a neutral color (I know she wants a country/rustic wedding, and thought the light brown would be perfect), and figured it also could be used to file things she has for the upcoming wedding (venues, menus, receipts, etc.). And then I got the idea to paint the top with the words "I do..." -- which I thought was such a cute touch! (I found a font on Microsoft Word, enlarged it, printed it, cut out the letters, traced them in pencil, and then painted them in white!) Then, I went to a local craft store and picked up some things that could best fit her wedding theme: mason jars, glass bottles, a Shabby Chic looking frame (which I spray-painted to become a chalk board so I could write her a little message!), fake (but gorgeous!) outdoorsy flowers, and even a "P" for her soon-to-be last name! I arranged it all as best as I could, knowing that I'd be shipping it across the country, and placed it all inside the box. Oh, I also threw in a bridal magazine! The overall point was to just send a big "congratulations!" her way, get her even more excited, and show her that I too, am excited. 

How cute is my chalkboard, below! The frame was perfect. And now I have leftover chalk paint for my own apartment!
I threw Skittles in a little jar to add a pop of color, and because I just wanted to snack on something while making this box :)
 (I looked for twine to wrap around the glass jars for sending, but below is all I could find...)
And these flowers just make me happy. I almost bought some to keep in my apartment! (I used that same twine replacement to tie around the mason jars to give it a more, rustic appeal, if you will.)
I am just so, so happy for you Rai Rai! I love you!

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