Monday, July 1, 2013

A very happy birthday to my mother.

I think I got lucky, genetically speaking, because pictured above is my beautiful mother. I used to get mad in highschool when my friends would call her a MILF...but as I get older, I can't help but to hope I get similar comments from my future children's friends. (As bad as that sounds...I'm not really sorry for saying it.)  

I left for LA on her birthday, June 24th, so the day before, we had a fun birthday cookout for her. (Quick side-note: people in LA don't say "cookout;" they say "barbecue.") It was full of good food and good company, and of course, I took photos...
^^Since living in LA, I have become quite picky with my Mexican food. But I must admit, John, you done well with this guacamole.
^^My grandmother's toothpicks for the fruit!
^^To think, I once was the taller, older sister.  
 ^^I'm not sure what happened.
^^My mother and I both get "Better Homes and Gardens," and totally made this cucumber-honeydew salad the same week, not on purpose. 
 ^^The workings of an iPod playlist, with everyone's favorite songs.
 Happy birthday again, mom! I hope this year is a fantastic one.

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