Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Singapore (part II).

97. That is the current countdown until my fall trip :)
Below is part II of my trip to Singapore last summer! Carli and I walked the famous Raffles Avenue, to Bugis Street, and even did the touristy-thing and went on the Singapore Flyer! The view was absolutely incredible, which you'll see, below!

 ^^This is when I knew Carli was a good friend: she took her shoes off and walked with me when my wedges were hurting my feet so badly that I simply could not walk in them anymore. It's not the most sanitary thing--trust me, I know--but Singapore is SO, so clean, I just had to do it. It was either that, or crawl back to the hotel.
^^Our last night out at New Asia, we met some new friends! It was a perfect way to end our trip, complete with a champagne toast and all.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to keep your man, food edition: Lasagna grilled cheese.

So, I think I feel a new series coming on, titled "How to keep your man." It's all food related. I mean, they say the key to a man's heart is through their stomach, right? So, I think it's aptly titled.

Anyway. I stole another recipe from Joy the Baker that I thought my guy would like: lasagna grilled cheese. I'm not a tomato fan, and I'm still slowly getting into cheese, but I put myself aside and wanted to make this for him. (Here is where I pat myself on the back for being a good girlfriend.) I tweaked the recipe just a bit, because for some reason I couldn't find cherry tomatoes at the grocery store, but other than that, I used this recipe!

^^Place mozzarella on 2 slices of bread, and tomatoes (with salt and pepper on top) on one of the two...^^
^^Smear ricotta mixed with fresh basil, salt and pepper on the other piece...^^
^^And smash them together. Here is the pre-grilled "work of art," (as my bf called it)^^
Voila! I know, I know. I need to work on my grilling skills. Or on my food-photography skills; I just get so into cooking that I forget I'm kind of sharing this for everyone to see, and thus forget make it pretty. But I mean lasagna is messy anyway, so whatever. It was gone in about 3 seconds, so I think I did well. The end.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Engagement box.

My sweet and easily one of my dearest friends, Rachel, got engaged recently (yay!)! I wanted to get her something to celebrate but didn't really know where to start, so then I got the idea to just make her an "engagement box" and send a bunch of wedding-related things her way. I went to Target and found a filing box that was a neutral color (I know she wants a country/rustic wedding, and thought the light brown would be perfect), and figured it also could be used to file things she has for the upcoming wedding (venues, menus, receipts, etc.). And then I got the idea to paint the top with the words "I do..." -- which I thought was such a cute touch! (I found a font on Microsoft Word, enlarged it, printed it, cut out the letters, traced them in pencil, and then painted them in white!) Then, I went to a local craft store and picked up some things that could best fit her wedding theme: mason jars, glass bottles, a Shabby Chic looking frame (which I spray-painted to become a chalk board so I could write her a little message!), fake (but gorgeous!) outdoorsy flowers, and even a "P" for her soon-to-be last name! I arranged it all as best as I could, knowing that I'd be shipping it across the country, and placed it all inside the box. Oh, I also threw in a bridal magazine! The overall point was to just send a big "congratulations!" her way, get her even more excited, and show her that I too, am excited. 

How cute is my chalkboard, below! The frame was perfect. And now I have leftover chalk paint for my own apartment!
I threw Skittles in a little jar to add a pop of color, and because I just wanted to snack on something while making this box :)
 (I looked for twine to wrap around the glass jars for sending, but below is all I could find...)
And these flowers just make me happy. I almost bought some to keep in my apartment! (I used that same twine replacement to tie around the mason jars to give it a more, rustic appeal, if you will.)
I am just so, so happy for you Rai Rai! I love you!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Singapore (part I).

103. That is the amount of days left until my upcoming fall trip! And because that's coming up, it's motivated me to finally put up my photos from my trip last summer to Singapore. (It was the last stop that Carli and I made after Australia and Bali!) I can't believe it's almost been one whole year since then...time is flying.

Singapore is absolutely stunning. (I mean, look at the skyline, above!) The country is super clean--which if you know me, you know I loved--to the point where you are not even allowed to chew gum. They don't want to risk gum being spit out, and littering will result in a huge fine! And speaking of laws, drugs are completely prohibited. To the point where you will receive a death penalty if caught with any!

Shopping and dining are two major pastimes in Singapore. I must say though, it is pretty expensive. Carli and I learned that pretty quickly when we were poolside at our hotel, waiting to check-in. We ordered 2 coffees and the total came to $20.00! Granted, we were at a nice hotel...we wanted to bookend the trip with more of a luxurious stay--which is why we only stayed for 2 nights! But, it was entirely worth it.
^^Our $20.00 coffees.
^^A view from our hotel! We were pretty high up, so the view was stunning. Oh, it rains--or pours--randomly throughout the day (which is the norm!)...this is why it's kind of foggy / why we were taking photos from our hotel balcony. It's also why you will spot many people with umbrellas, as an accessory.
^^After this photo was taken, I got yelled at for taking photos. Apparently, photography is not allowed in the metro station.
^^People had stopped to ask Carli and I to take photos with them. We were unsure if they had mistaken us for celebrities..?!
^^Because more people joined in for photos.
^^This is the beautiful view from our adjoining hotel's restaurant, New Asia. It was on the 72nd floor, and where Carli and I had dinner both nights.
^^A view of the Singapore Flyer!
^^Easily one of the best breakfasts I've ever eaten. 
^^Topshop shopping and self-portaits.
Anddd despite the great cuisines, we had to keep it real and get delivery McDonald's for one meal. It was raining and we didn't want to go out. That was about enough justification for us. It was also a nod to Bali, where we got delivery McD's on our very first night :)