Friday, June 28, 2013

Married - Kelly & Bobby (part II).

After the wedding ceremony, I took some photos outside of the Church with my elementary school friends (including Cara, who came to LA for Easter this year!), and I must made me feel kind of old. I mean, our 9 year old friend Kelly--who's really 27 but I still think of her / us at that age--had just gotten married! But hey, we're all happy and healthy, so I can't really complain. (And after the photo opp, I may or may not have made a pit stop at Wendy's prior heading to the reception...)

^^I really can't get over how happy she looked.
 ^^Above is a photo of my non-blood-yet-may-as-well-be-blood sister and father, of whom I both simply adore.
 ^^See? Sisters. We didn't even coordinate colors on purpose.
^^Friends since 4th grade <3
^^Blurry, but I like how happy they both are :) 
^^Opa! (I had to.)
^^The soft lighting and bokeh make for such romantic photos.
 ^^She went first.
 ^^Accidental, but I love how the focus is on the "A" as he's smashing the cake in her face in the background.
^^I even love the blur here.

Congratulations, again, to the NEWLYWEDS!

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