Monday, May 13, 2013

The Mcbarreids.

There was Bennifer. And Brangelina. And then, the Mcbarreids.

I don't think there are any "perfect" families. I know some may think a perfect family is defined by a mother and father, living under the same roof, with children, pets, and a white picket fence--you know, the whole storybook thing. Well, in theory that all sounds great; but I think there's beauty in the imperfections.

My family is a combination kind of family. There's my mama, an "Eid," me, a "Barry," and my siblings, who are "McEvilly's." And together, we are the Mcbarreids. Doesn't it have a good ring to it? I have to credit my mother for the name. She can be pretty clever!

Below are photos that pretty much sum us up:

 ^^Jack, trying to run away from Maggie because she was "touching him."
 ^^My beautiful, not-so-young siblings.
 ^^All 3 of us- with Jack still pretty annoyed.
 ^^I swear she loves me.
^^And this guy. He's not the happiest during photo opps, but lucky for him, he's still handsome.

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