Friday, May 10, 2013

The different lives we lead.

And oh how different they are! I was able to finally go see my (one friend) Lynden last week, when I went back East for my godson Julian's birth. It was so nice to walk through her house, enjoy my coffee in her backyard, and play with her three adorable sons (above). I didn't even care that the heels of my blue suede pumps were plunging into the grass while I was pushing the kids on the swings--I was just enjoying time with one of my best friends, which was time I hold near and dear to my heart.

Now, I can't express enough how different my life is to Lynden's. This is certainly not a bad thing; I'm merely making note of just how different they are. We live on opposite sides of the US. She's married with kids, I'm single with dogs. We joke about it, because it's really funny how polar opposite our lives have become--but no matter what, that's my girl 'til the end. And I think that's the best part...that despite the many differences, we are totally the same. I mean, she just gets it, gets me, ya know?

Below are are some photos I was able to take of her beautiful family, whom I adore.
^^Owen, the little man (and I can't get over it).
^^Mason, the ham.
^^Gavin, the peanut (with THE cutest little legs, ugh).
                                                                       ^^& Rocco (token dog photo).
^^ I scooped up this hat for little Gavin--how could I resist--and I absolutely love this photo of him wearing it!
                                                ^^ And how can you not resist this face?! Ugh.
^^He wanted to show me how he could climb the tree in the front yard! (I wish I had a front yard. And trees in it...good 'ol LA.)
Lyn, I love you and your handsome boys! I wish I could come over and play everyday, like Owen asked me to do (which melted my heart by the way). In the meantime, the housewife side of me will live vicariously through you. XO.


  1. Beautiful photos KB! So nice to 'meet' a dear friend of Lynden's if only via blogging!
    I am blessed. :)

  2. LAVE this post. and you. and the great photos you take.

    The end!