Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oh hi, Ojai!

It's kind of embarrassing to admit, but I haven't really traveled around California since moving here. At all. I did to go Carmel once, for my uncle's wedding, but that was back in 2004 (right after I moved). Having two big dogs makes traveling in general kind of difficult, because I need to make sure they are situated if I'm going anywhere. BUT, this past weekend, I lucked out! I found a cute little hotel in Ojai, the Capri Hotel, that was dog friendly--and I immediately jumped on the opportunity to go. (Imagine my excitement when I saw this patio (above)! It even opened up to a good-sized terrace, which the dogs totally took advantage of. And I took advantage of it immediately hitting the pool while they ran around in the grass.)
^^There was a birthday celebration taking place when we got there, and I was invited to join the party! Needless to say, I felt welcomed in Ojai upon arrival.
^^And this quaint little village melted my heart. Ojai definitely offered a bit of tranquility that you can't necessarily find in LA; it was peaceful, to say the least!
^^(This is so touristy, but I couldn't help it...)
^^While at Bonnie Lu's for breakfast, I spotted Nellie's old fashioned pancakes! :)
^^& this coffee mug...I mean, can this place get any more adorable? I thought just the name "Bonnie Lu's" was cute enough as is. But nope! The mug topped it off.
 ^^This sidewalk-chalk heart pretty much summed up my short little Ojai experience. It's all love!

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