Friday, May 31, 2013

Little Tokyo.

I spent my past Monday walking around Little Tokyo, taking photos of random street art and eating too many french fries (thanks, Far Bar!). I must say, it's a really good place for photo opps given all the graffiti/art finds. I wish I felt more comfortable in front of a camera versus behind it, because no matter what, you're bound to get some pretty cool shots (and I never have photos of myself...but it's not like I'd frame a bunch of photos of just me anyway, so whatever). 

Looking back, I should have taken my film camera. Or, I should buy the Polaroid 300 I still want and haven't gotten....
^^Close-up of the Cartoon piece I spotted!
^^This would be phenomenal for a shoot.
^^And here's my one photo. Just for kicks. :)
 ^^'re pretty good to me. Thanks for that.

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