Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Engagement - Meg & Jon

Theirs is the kind of love story that every little girl wants—her high school sweetheart as her (soon-to-be) husband...

I've known both Meg and Jon from our high school glory days, dating back to when I was about 15 or so. Meg and I had several classes together, and I knew Jon as both Meg's boyfriend, and my friend Sarah's brother.

From the beginning, they seemed like a pretty perfect match: the beauty of our class, she would win homecoming court, and he (a grade ahead) would be the high school mascot. (Sorry for reminding you, Jon—go Blue Devils!) Meg and I would share plenty of boyfriend stories in class, presumably while we were supposed to be focusing on our schoolwork, but hey--she was investing in a relationship that would prove worthy, as she will be marrying this man come October.
^^Note, the numbered rows from the apple orchard that we used to represent the upcoming wedding date! (I felt clever.)
Aside from how much fun these two are together, and how much fun it was for me to shoot their engagement photos, it was really (can I be a bit sappy right now?) beautiful to see these two so happy together. They have so much history already, which is pretty rare. I mean, I even noticed a ring on her finger that I remember Jon gifting her back in high school!

Their photos really do sum up their relationship, which you can totally see (below), and I'm thrilled I was given the opportunity to capture it. Congratulations to you both, I wish you the utmost, continued happiness together!

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  1. SO many good ones! Love them all but that last one is beautiful...can totally see that blown up on the wall! Good job kb!! Oh and happy for Jon and Meg obvi! lol ;)