Friday, May 31, 2013

Little Tokyo.

I spent my past Monday walking around Little Tokyo, taking photos of random street art and eating too many french fries (thanks, Far Bar!). I must say, it's a really good place for photo opps given all the graffiti/art finds. I wish I felt more comfortable in front of a camera versus behind it, because no matter what, you're bound to get some pretty cool shots (and I never have photos of myself...but it's not like I'd frame a bunch of photos of just me anyway, so whatever). 

Looking back, I should have taken my film camera. Or, I should buy the Polaroid 300 I still want and haven't gotten....
^^Close-up of the Cartoon piece I spotted!
^^This would be phenomenal for a shoot.
^^And here's my one photo. Just for kicks. :)
 ^^'re pretty good to me. Thanks for that.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day, 2013.

I think it's fair to say I had a big kid-meets-adult Memorial Day weekend, complete with good friends, good food, adult beverages, and children's toys. And I'm not going to lie, it was pretty cool. And a pit-stop at Wendy's after the BBQ/pool day didn't hurt either. (Side note: there were people at the BBQ who hadn't tried Wendy's before?! I promptly informed them of what they were missing out on, and instructed them to immediately go get a number 6--and biggie size it.)
 ^^I made my stacked chicken & veggie enchiladas, from Perry's Plate, which I probably make too often. But oh well. They were a hit for the newcomers! Nothing is better than feeding people--and the people really loving the food.
 ^^This kind of epitomized the day: beer, champagne, food, & squirt guns.
^^My margarita Popsicles that I was so proud of! I got the recipe here, but I added fresh strawberries, too!
^^Ingrid's Popsicle had a face, ha. 
 ^^I just love this photo. The water splashing, blow-up piranha, and inner-tube just make for a great pictorial of the day.
 A big thank you goes out to Andrew (the photographer from this post and  this post and this post!), for hosting at his house! I had a blast.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Simple mantra.

"Love your other how they need to be loved, not how you need to be."

 (Borrowed from one of my favorite blogs, "A Cup of Jo.")

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oh hi, Ojai!

It's kind of embarrassing to admit, but I haven't really traveled around California since moving here. At all. I did to go Carmel once, for my uncle's wedding, but that was back in 2004 (right after I moved). Having two big dogs makes traveling in general kind of difficult, because I need to make sure they are situated if I'm going anywhere. BUT, this past weekend, I lucked out! I found a cute little hotel in Ojai, the Capri Hotel, that was dog friendly--and I immediately jumped on the opportunity to go. (Imagine my excitement when I saw this patio (above)! It even opened up to a good-sized terrace, which the dogs totally took advantage of. And I took advantage of it immediately hitting the pool while they ran around in the grass.)
^^There was a birthday celebration taking place when we got there, and I was invited to join the party! Needless to say, I felt welcomed in Ojai upon arrival.
^^And this quaint little village melted my heart. Ojai definitely offered a bit of tranquility that you can't necessarily find in LA; it was peaceful, to say the least!
^^(This is so touristy, but I couldn't help it...)
^^While at Bonnie Lu's for breakfast, I spotted Nellie's old fashioned pancakes! :)
^^& this coffee mug...I mean, can this place get any more adorable? I thought just the name "Bonnie Lu's" was cute enough as is. But nope! The mug topped it off.
 ^^This sidewalk-chalk heart pretty much summed up my short little Ojai experience. It's all love!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Engagement - Meg & Jon

Theirs is the kind of love story that every little girl wants—her high school sweetheart as her (soon-to-be) husband...

I've known both Meg and Jon from our high school glory days, dating back to when I was about 15 or so. Meg and I had several classes together, and I knew Jon as both Meg's boyfriend, and my friend Sarah's brother.

From the beginning, they seemed like a pretty perfect match: the beauty of our class, she would win homecoming court, and he (a grade ahead) would be the high school mascot. (Sorry for reminding you, Jon—go Blue Devils!) Meg and I would share plenty of boyfriend stories in class, presumably while we were supposed to be focusing on our schoolwork, but hey--she was investing in a relationship that would prove worthy, as she will be marrying this man come October.
^^Note, the numbered rows from the apple orchard that we used to represent the upcoming wedding date! (I felt clever.)
Aside from how much fun these two are together, and how much fun it was for me to shoot their engagement photos, it was really (can I be a bit sappy right now?) beautiful to see these two so happy together. They have so much history already, which is pretty rare. I mean, I even noticed a ring on her finger that I remember Jon gifting her back in high school!

Their photos really do sum up their relationship, which you can totally see (below), and I'm thrilled I was given the opportunity to capture it. Congratulations to you both, I wish you the utmost, continued happiness together!