Thursday, April 25, 2013

Grand park.

Grand Park, DTLA

I can rave about downtown LA until I'm blue in the face; I really just love the city. And I think it's kind of funny when people talk down on it, because they're thinking of downtown LA from over a decade ago...but that's okay, because I get to keep more of the city's fun spots as my hidden secrets.

A new, not-so-secret favorite place of mine downtown is Grand Park, which spreads all the way from the Music Center down to City Hall. There are four separate areas of the park: a "wade-able membrane pool," (ie fountains everywhere that you can take kids to run through), a grand event lawn, a smaller performance lawn, and a community terrace with plants "representing the diverse cultural make-up of Los Angeles itself." It's surprisingly just a pretty--and pretty clean--new lush area that the city really hasn't seen before.

I've gone to Grand Park the past few weekends, book in hand, ready to read (and tan) on the lawn with my Starbucks. Oh, did I mention they put a Starbucks smack in the middle of the park? Great idea, whomever decided that one. It's been pretty nice in LA recently, so on the hotter days, I'm not going to lie, I kind of wish I could just run through the water fountains like a toddler to cool down....but let's face it, that'd probably be awkward. SO. I recently decided to recruit some of my friends who have children to come with me, so I can use them as an excuse to be able to splash in the fountains too. Smart, right?

 ^^Saw this guy on the walk to the park. PREACH, little sticker, preach.
 My number 1 recruit! Little Nathan <3

^^And his beautiful mama, Monique.

^^I'm pretty sure he's cooler than I am.
Thanks for coming to play, Nate and Mo! Love you both! xo

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