Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013!

Happy Easter--almost a week late! I got sick while Cara was here (strep throat twice in 6 weeks?!), so that's the reason for the blog delay. I hosted Easter brunch anyway, and it may have been one of the best holidays I have ever had! Great food, great people, great vibes. Preparing for the whole thing was pretty fun too...even if I did get a bit anxious and cleaned more than I should have. Cara took my cleaning products away at one point- HA. It was well worth it though!
^^I don't think I've dyed Easter eggs since I was 10. And I enjoyed every second of it, being 27.
^^(I think Cara did too.)
^^Paying homage to where we were having Easter this year!
^^I was trying to get creative, and gave each place setting personalized Easter eggs. Oh, I included Nellie and Ziggy, too (the mutts).
 ^^I absolutely LOVE color, and was so excited to find these bright flowers for my brunch table at Home Depot--and for $5.00!
^^My sweet friend Nadia brought me these :) 
 ^^I took a cue from my favorite blog, and wanted to make Easter colored pancakes! We used Cara's dad's pancake recipe, which took me back to elementary school days.
^^Cara and I made two different quiches--one meat, one meatless--scrambled eggs, sweet potato breakfast potatoes, pancakes, bacon, fruit salad and monkey bread (the last 2 weren't shown)!
 ^^& Ingrid brought delicious Bottega Louie deserts!
^^She was also the designated champagne-pourer ;)
Thanks to everyone for coming! Cara, your toast made me cry. I was sick, so I think that made it worse...but your kind words touched my heart.

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  1. You are the Hostess with the Mostess!! What an adorable Easter brunch. I love the pix and the FOOD!! Cute post :)