Monday, April 29, 2013

And last week I made Wendy's.

If you know me--it doesn't even matter if you know me well or not--you'll know I am mildly obsessed with Wendy's. Maybe it's an East Coast thing, a comfort thing, an I-love-to-eat-food thing--whatever it is, I simply love me a spicy chicken sandwich. (With no tomato or mayo, because again if you know me, I'm pretty plain.) And I love fries. Duh.

Welp, I found a homemade Wendy's recipe, which I can't believe I didn't find before, and I was simply ecstatic. I didn't take photos while making the food--I was just too eager for the outcome--but above is the end product! was so good. Too good, to be honest...and I wound up eating two sandwiches. Whoops.

Here is the recipe, for all you Wendy's lovers out there, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Grand park.

Grand Park, DTLA

I can rave about downtown LA until I'm blue in the face; I really just love the city. And I think it's kind of funny when people talk down on it, because they're thinking of downtown LA from over a decade ago...but that's okay, because I get to keep more of the city's fun spots as my hidden secrets.

A new, not-so-secret favorite place of mine downtown is Grand Park, which spreads all the way from the Music Center down to City Hall. There are four separate areas of the park: a "wade-able membrane pool," (ie fountains everywhere that you can take kids to run through), a grand event lawn, a smaller performance lawn, and a community terrace with plants "representing the diverse cultural make-up of Los Angeles itself." It's surprisingly just a pretty--and pretty clean--new lush area that the city really hasn't seen before.

I've gone to Grand Park the past few weekends, book in hand, ready to read (and tan) on the lawn with my Starbucks. Oh, did I mention they put a Starbucks smack in the middle of the park? Great idea, whomever decided that one. It's been pretty nice in LA recently, so on the hotter days, I'm not going to lie, I kind of wish I could just run through the water fountains like a toddler to cool down....but let's face it, that'd probably be awkward. SO. I recently decided to recruit some of my friends who have children to come with me, so I can use them as an excuse to be able to splash in the fountains too. Smart, right?

 ^^Saw this guy on the walk to the park. PREACH, little sticker, preach.
 My number 1 recruit! Little Nathan <3

^^And his beautiful mama, Monique.

^^I'm pretty sure he's cooler than I am.
Thanks for coming to play, Nate and Mo! Love you both! xo

Monday, April 15, 2013

Life's 3 Must-Haves.

                                                                                          Something to do
                                                                                          Something to love
                                                                                 Something to look forward to

Okay don't judge me. This weekend, while binge apartment cleaning, I found myself watching whatever I could find OnDemand - which included LA Shrinks. (I know.) It was more of a background noise kind of thing, but I was still clearly paying attention in some ways, because at one point, Dr. V. really caught my ear by saying: "My father taught me you need three things in life: something to do, something to love, and something to look forward to."

Now, I'm not sure if that makes as much sense to you as it does to me, but I am really going to adopt this life trifecta, if you will, and keep it in the forefront of my mind. In sum, it's saying keep busy, keep passionate, and make future goals. How can one be bored with those philosophies, ya know? And since I did a huge budget this weekend (my cleaning binge later spilled into a life-organizing binge), I think I'm going to apply some of my allotted "splurge" funds to things I will love and look forward to...whether that be new travels (hear that, Carli?!), or even a new lipstick and a fun place to wear it! I figure my meticulous budgeting will keep giving me "something to do..."

Thursday, April 11, 2013

VIBE's musical geniuses since '93.

If you know me well, you know my heart lies with early 90's R&B/ hip-hop--so you could imagine my enthusiasm when I learned of VIBE's picks for 20 musical geniuses since 1993. While I agree with most of those listed (sorry Lil Wayne), I am surprised at some of the rankings! What do you think, do you agree with their thoughts on Biggie vs. Tupac, or Nas vs. Jay-Z? Or how about Puff Daddy-P Diddy-just Diddy ranking higher than all four? And R. Kelly topping the list?

Here are VIBE's selects:
  1. R. Kelly
  2. Kanye West
  3. Dr. Dre
  4. Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs
  5. Notorious BIG
  6. Jay-Z
  7. Timbaland
  8. Thom Yorke
  9. Rza
  10. Missy Elliott
  11. Pharrell
  12. D'Angelo
  13. Rick Rubin
  14. Outkast
  15. Nas
  16. Erykah Badu
  17. Eminem
  18. Tupac Shakur (Really? Number 18?!)
  19. Daft Punk
  20. Lil Wayne 
PS, I'm totally digging the art work.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013!

Happy Easter--almost a week late! I got sick while Cara was here (strep throat twice in 6 weeks?!), so that's the reason for the blog delay. I hosted Easter brunch anyway, and it may have been one of the best holidays I have ever had! Great food, great people, great vibes. Preparing for the whole thing was pretty fun too...even if I did get a bit anxious and cleaned more than I should have. Cara took my cleaning products away at one point- HA. It was well worth it though!
^^I don't think I've dyed Easter eggs since I was 10. And I enjoyed every second of it, being 27.
^^(I think Cara did too.)
^^Paying homage to where we were having Easter this year!
^^I was trying to get creative, and gave each place setting personalized Easter eggs. Oh, I included Nellie and Ziggy, too (the mutts).
 ^^I absolutely LOVE color, and was so excited to find these bright flowers for my brunch table at Home Depot--and for $5.00!
^^My sweet friend Nadia brought me these :) 
 ^^I took a cue from my favorite blog, and wanted to make Easter colored pancakes! We used Cara's dad's pancake recipe, which took me back to elementary school days.
^^Cara and I made two different quiches--one meat, one meatless--scrambled eggs, sweet potato breakfast potatoes, pancakes, bacon, fruit salad and monkey bread (the last 2 weren't shown)!
 ^^& Ingrid brought delicious Bottega Louie deserts!
^^She was also the designated champagne-pourer ;)
Thanks to everyone for coming! Cara, your toast made me cry. I was sick, so I think that made it worse...but your kind words touched my heart.