Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Brunch (with a Side of Men's Fashion).

This past weekend, I had a great Saturday brunch with my friend Christian at Alcove Cafe. Remember my post about online friendships? Well, funny enough, I e-met Christian through Instagram, when I was stalking Costa Rica hashtags! I guess I had a bit of traveler's depression upon my return to the states, and I wanted to see Costa Rica in any way I could. But back to the point...Christian had photos on a canopy tour that were similar to mine, and then I stalked looked through his Instagram feed and noticed he too lived in LA! Even more noticeable though, the man can dress.

 I'll nominate him for my blog's "best dressed" superlative.  

Be sure to check out Christian's new blog, Vibe With me! Congrats to my best-dressed friend, Christian! (Instagram/Twitter: @cliquigan)

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