Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Lingerie.

Corny, or sexy?

With Valentine's Day anything, I think there's a fine line with being cute, and with potentially going overboard. You know, pink and red froufrou, hearts everywhere, that kinda thing. It makes sense to want to show your loved one some extra TLC, but how do you distinguish sweet sentiments from those that are completely cheesy? Or, do you just run with it and embrace the cheese? 

My friends seem to have mixed opinions, below!

Nadia: "In my opinion, red or pink lingerie on Valentine's day is cheesy and played out. I'd say switch it up; dress up as a sexy sailor, or in colors he likes. Use toys, and be creative! This should be always--not just for today. Keep your man wanting more!"

Joe (who graciously added his two cents to this article): "Lingerie is both corny and cute. I appreciate effort--corny is okay. Knowing that it's inherently corny makes it better; it means she is willing to be vulnerable. Most girls don't do anything for V-day...lingerie, and appealing to our obvious sex drive--I think it's a plus. At the very least, it makes things more memorable. 'That was that night you wore...'"

Lynden: "I think lingerie is underrated. Women tend to shy away or feel like they shouldn't have to wear it to impress their man. But what about how it makes YOU feel. It's a confidence thing. Some think you need it to wear it, but I say wear and you'll get it!"

JJ: "Yeah that would be cool, I love lingerie. The colors red and pink, sure. Maybe hearts on the panties and bra--nothing too crazy like heart-shaped boob cups."

I laughed out loud with JJ's last sentence! Personally, I'd think any effort would be, or should be appreciated. I'm not sure that I'd be wearing my Valentine's name around my neck--or embroider it on my underwear--but hey, if my partner appreciated it, that's technically what counts, right?

Happy Valentine's Day! <3

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