Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sequins and such.

Having photographer friends are great--and having photographer friends with photographer boyfriends are even greater. A big thank you goes out to Andrew Herrold here (@AndrewHerrold on Instagram--and I'll add his website once it's complete), for dealing with me this past Saturday. (He's Ingrid's boyfriend, and you know her from this post!) I must say, I'm pretty awkward in front of the camera, given I'm so used to being behind it, so just bear with me here.

I busted out these old sequin shorts (yes, I promise I'm wearing them in this first shot, below) and paired them with a new, black off-the-shoulder sweater, which is my latest love.

I usually like to throw a bit of grunge in my 'fit, especially if I'm wearing something more on the girlie side (like sequins). These boots usually do the trick. I know, I am a girl--but hey, I'm about the funk.
A big, black sweater can never do you wrong, in my humble opinion. Especially if it falls off the shoulder. Neither can beat-up combat boots. And bright pink or red lipstick. Oh, and my gold chain.

 ^^My typical shot while laughing, because I can't take myself seriously.
 ^^And, I'm pretty gangster. In case you didn't already know.

Thanks again, Andrew!


  1. Great job to Andrew on such awesome pix...and way to go kb. You look gorg!!