Monday, February 4, 2013

Montezuma (Costa Rica part V)!


It needed a line all to itself. This was arguably one of the coolest days of our trip. We had our amazing new friends from Argentina come along that day (Marcelo, aka "Chino" and Martin, "Huevo"), which was so nice, because not only was one a photographer--Chino, check him out here--it's just always nice to have boys tag along! They were so sweet and helpful when the hike to the waterfall got to be a bit much. It would have been better if I had less camera equipment and better shoes...but again, I'll take the cute boys and their willingness to help!

 ^^Beginning our gorgeous drive to Montezuma. Again, renting a car was everything.

^^Love this. I'll find a phone wherever, whenever. Even in a jungle.
 ^^And thus begins our hike to the waterfalls! I should have noted the "running shoes" and "not bringing valuables" part. Whoops.
 ^^Us (with Martin and Marcelo, respectively)!
 ^^I sent this to Carli this morning with a text saying "what boyfriend?" Ha.
 ^^The first mini waterfall.

 ^^And the big waterfall! It was so worth the hike, and the sprained(ish) ankle.
^^Young, fearless boys demonstrating what I would not be doing.
^^Instead I'll do this.

Thanks again--so much-- for this incredible day, boys! We can't wait to visit you in Argentina! xoxo.

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