Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lust list.

I wouldn't say I am in need of many things; wanting many things, however, is a different story. I have been yearning for a few items for quite some time now, and I'm actually pretty shocked I haven't done anything about it. I'm not sure that this "lust list" detailing them will help, as I'm just simply drooling staring at more photos of my "wants," but hey. I'm a girl, and I can't help it.
  1. Diane von Furstenberg slouchy red pant. 
  2. Steve Madden "Realove" neon yellow sandal.
  3. Vleiger & Vandam Guardian Angel Clutch.
  4. David Yurman black hematite oval ring. (Anything Yurman, really--but I'm partial to black diamond, onyx, etc.)
  5. MAC Too Supreme Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Insanely It
Any bets on how long it will take before I order any--or all--of these 5 items?