Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Happy lists."

Happy lists are pretty self-explanatory. I am so tired today and all I want is another cup (or gallon, IV drip, etc.) of coffee; instead, I am trying to combat my exhaustion and replace it with mere thoughts of happy things. 10 of them, to be exact.
  1. French fries (duh).
  2. Bacon 
  3. My dogs 
  4. Letters in the mail.
  5. Super old inside jokes, with old friends.
  6. A clean and freshly organized apartment.
  7. Old school film photos (and any photography really).
  8. Music, particularly 90's R&B / hip-hop.
  9. Phone calls--remember when people only had house phones, and cordless phones were the "it" thing?
  10. Text messages--if you're gonna send them--that include videos like this, below:

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