Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Costa Rica (part VI).

After a memorable day hiking to the Montezuma waterfalls, Carli and I treated our new friends to lunch since they were of such help. It was almost time for sunset at that point (I guess it was a late lunch), and because our view was so spectacular, we had the guys come to our villa to watch our last sunset in Santa Teresa.

 ^^My essentials.
 ^^Chino's essential, ha.

 ^^Instagramming! Duh!
 ^^I really wanted to try and get this one shot "eating" the sun. Carli told me to put the caption "dinner," which I thought was brilliant.
^^And I got it! Do you see the boat crossing the sun here? I mean...ugh!

 ^^After the sunset, Carli and I had a cute dinner together at Shambala, celebrating our last night in Santa Teresa. The food was really, really good. I surprised myself by ordering this shrimp flatbread (I tend to eat pretty plain--"cardboard" as some like to say). And it was so good.

^^The next morning we were off to Arenal! I loved passing by these little life reminders as we left.

^^We had to drive back onto the ferry from Tambor to continue our trek to Arenal. Can I reiterate how great it was to have a car?

^^Being a newborn photographer, I can't help but want to photograph every baby I see. How cute is this munchkin!
 ^^And this one!
^^I was "caught" taking photos of her, and  her family graciously lent her to me and Carli to keep playing and taking photos :)
^^This melted me.
 ^^Finally off the ferry, we headed toward La Fortuna. I loved seeing a bit of home with the sign to Los Angeles.

^^The grounds were so green and lush--and full of animals!

^^My first dinner in Arenal! After a long drive, it was so refreshing. Carli and I hopped in the jacuzzi after dinner, too. Needless to say, we were definitely enjoying life!

* More photos of Arenal to come!

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