Friday, February 1, 2013

Attitude of gratitude.

Lynden's wedding!
I sometimes catch myself throwing a bit of a pity party, almost allowing myself to feel a bit down. This isn't to say some of these times weren't warranted for a pity party, which usually includes delivery french fries, celebrity gossip, and movies OnDemand; but I've wondered why instead I'm not directing my focus on the stuff that lifts me up. Or wondered why it's so much harder at times to do just that.

I had deactivated my Facebook page over a year ago, when I simply decided it was too much for me. I know myself, and know that I get bothered seeing things I don't necessarily want to see--so the easy answer was just to say "sayonara!" So when I reactivated it yesterday to link my blog, and as an example, immediately came across posts of weddings that I'm not part of, it hit me like a ton of bricks. And these aren't just any people with any's people I consider family, regardless of anything. They're my blood.

I started writing a post about "best friend break-ups" a while back and never finished--it's still a super sensitive topic for me--but what hit me this morning after I sent a text to "my one friend" Lynden, almost feeling sorry for myself about not being included in the above mentioned Facebook posts--or real life--was that I kind of had it all wrong. Instead, I need to remember how grateful I am to have her.

Last night, I went to the pub downstairs to meet a couple friends for a game of pool, and Lynden sent me this link to her blog. I immediately began to tear up reading the sweet sentiments she had written about me, and was humbled by the fact that she took the time to even write that post. I sent her a text back, verbatim, saying "My follow-up blog will be about being a drunken hot mess reading what my bestie w/ a hubby and kids wrote as she's at home not drunk." And that pretty much sums us up. Not the drunk/not drunk part (which was sent to be funny), just that our lives are so completely different, yet we are, as she said "polar opposite soul sisters." And sistah, I'm so very thankful for you, and for reminding me to keep my attitude of gratitude! xo.

*See what Lynden is up to on her blog, here!

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  1. Thanks for always reminding me of this too!! Lave you!!! xo