Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Arenal (Costa Rica part VII).

Arenal was a completely different setting than Santa Teresa. Far from the beach, we were high up in the mountains and clouds, and it was simply beautiful. Close to the volcano, we even felt a couple of earthquakes while we were there! Thank god Carli and I pushed our beds together, otherwise I would have jumped right in hers after I felt the first earthquake! I guess that was a good thing though; it lessens the overall pressure of the volcano. I wouldn't have been thrilled had that thing erupted.

^^The volcano!
^^Nacho pit stop before heading to the canopy tour! I''m not sure it was the wisest choice of food prior to flying through the air on a zipline.

^^Before heading up to the canopy platforms, we had a quick walk through a butterfly garden...

^^Then we had to take a tractor uphill, about 20 minutes or so, until we arrived at the canopy platform. We used it for a photo op.

^^The beautiful waterfall!

^^Yeah, we're pretty gangster.

^^I went tandem with a tour guide so I could take some photos mid-air!

^^After the canopy tour, we walked through grounds of the indigenous people, who gave us a brief background on their overall culture and way of life.

^^They had beautiful hand-made instruments, and I took one home! I got a really cool rain stick (which my little dog is petrified of--he's not a fan of the noise).
^^After getting our culture on, we went horseback riding! It was a really cool day.
^^We are pretty cute. Ha.

^^We only had one day left in Costa Rica after our canopy adventures, and we made a stop at the natural hotsprings before leaving. It was gorgeous!

And that was the ending of my amazing trip! I can't wait to go back--and I know I will. The culture, the land, the way of life...pura vida. That's all I can say.

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