Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Always dress like you are going to see your ex..."

Preach! I should apply this to my everyday attire, but as much as I love fashion, dressing up to sit alone in an office each day can be kind of tiring. While I do dress for myself rather than others, sometimes "myself" is tired and wants to bum around in sweatpants. And keep really good outfit days for when I will see other people...just sayin'. I mean, I'd much rather see an ex with his new model girlfriend in their Bentley wearing the amazing outfit--versus wearing it for myself in my office alone, no? And if I did, here is a favorite outfit that would totally fit the bill: my birthday dress from this past year.

I am still obsessed with it, and would secretly love to wear it every day. But since I can't, I figure a blog post will make do.

*Side note, I was also obsessed with how my make-up turned out that day too. I don't normally wear much, so it was fun to layer on the shadow for a smokey eye.

Do you have a favorite "maybe I'll run into my ex" outfit?

PS- My favorite birthday photos, via Instagram.


  1. I'd wear that every day!!!

  2. Love the dress so much :)