Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ubud, Bali (part II).

Carli and I walked probably 20 minutes or so from our hotel, Bali Spirit, to the infamous Monkey Forest! It's a big tourist attraction in Ubud, and we were super excited to visit. I must say, I was also nervous, because the idea of a rabid monkey biting me while I was across the world wasn't too appealing. I bet I gave off nervous vibes--because by the time we entered the forest I was kind of freaking out, and surely the monkeys could tell. Carli, on the other hand, thought the whole thing was great and had not a care in the world! I pretty much only tried feeding the monkeys for a photo op, and then spent the rest of the time ducking from them. In addition to being cute, they are also kind of mean...they steal your belongings (hair ties, sunglasses, etc)., and will go straight for any bag you are carrying--particularly if you have anything plastic.

                            ^^This is my "ok you got the photo now get off my face," face....

^^And this would be the monkey, going in to bite my arm. He (or she) must have known I was paranoid about rabies and such.

On the walk back to the hotel, we stopped by a little shop filled with art. The shop owner's young daughter and little son were tending the shop, and I was completely fascinated with the differences from their culture to ours. I bought a beautiful painting from them, which is now proudly hanging in my apartment! Carli got a gorgeous piece as well.

                                                     ^^He was watching videos on YouTube!

 ^^She was so cute, and so helpful with the cleaning and packaging of our paintings. Her sister also came by to help, and she was going to school to be a teacher! Carli and I both have degrees (communications and sociology, respectively), and she really enjoyed hearing about our education system. The whole trip was truly unforgettable; every day that passed we were even more amazed with Bali. 

 ^^My painting! :)

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