Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sydney, Australia (final - part IV!).

This may have been one of my most memorable moments from Australia: the Manly Beach day. There wasn't one big stand out moment, it was just a blast with a good friend, we took some great photos, which obviously is enough to make my day (and don't mind the mini photoshoot we had, below...), and did some great shopping! I got my first piece of art from out of the country--clap sticks, made by aboriginals! I should have taken a photo of the art studio; I was too excited to buy my instrument than to take photos, I guess :)

                                                        (um...yes...french fries and chicken!)

                                                 (this totally reminded me of Venice Beach!)

These photos make my heart smile. The beach day wasn't too shabby, considering it was the end of winter!

After Manly, we went home to change for a dinner in Bondi! As I mentioned earlier, it was the end of winter, so it was pretty quiet, BUT we had to at least see Bondi Beach! I imagine it's just like Venice Beach here in CA--a bit more so than how I thought Manly reminded me of Venice!

Sydney was such a great place to start our vacation. The coffee was unbelievable (although a tad pricey), the city was beautiful, the shopping was incredible, and the accents? Swoon! Until next time, Australia! xo

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