Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kuta, Bali (part II).

Ah, one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Seriously.

Kuta Beach is known for incredible, incredible sunsets, and I am beyond blessed to have been able to experience them. What seems like thousands of people gather on the beach in time to collectively watch the sunset, take photos, and simply stare in awe of the surrounding beauty. Carli and I had an even better experience, because we joined a group of locals, had a beach sing-along (no joke), and managed to snag some amazing photos of it all!

 ^^We decided to immediately join these guys, and fortunately, they didn't mind :) It was truly something you'd see in a movie; we sat down and sang top 40s hits with the locals--in Indonesia! It was really cool to hear about their musical interests, and fortunately, Carli got video footage of some of it. She asked me after if I wasn't having a good time because I was so quiet - I told her I was just in shock that everything was really happening!
 ^^Here is where we attempted to teach our new friends how to throw up 'Westside'...

^^Third time's a charm.


And yet again, I'm speechless.

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