Monday, January 7, 2013

Kuta, Bali (part I).

August 19, 2012 

Bali. I don't know where to even start! I fell in love with this province so quickly; it was literally love at first site. I'm almost speechless, which is a rare occasion, but it shows you how fascinated I was with this beautiful, beautiful place, where everyone is so gracious. If I could make it back to Bali once a year, I would. And trust me- that's the plan.

(See more of where we stayed in Kuta, here!)

 ^^This would be the delivery McDonald's we got upon arrival, just in time for our in-house massages. Yep, in-house massages. Which we got while here - they're like, $5/10 bucks, for an hour. (Nothing else was open by the time we got to Bali, but c'mon, delivery McD's and massages!?)

^^Families pack on mopeds/motorcycles and just go! It actually is one of the craziest things I've ever seen. Women will just hold their infants on their laps and cruise with their family if the kids are too young to sit upright on their own! Oh, and you'll see people on mopeds who look about 10 years old. Anddd that's because they are 10 years old, flying around on their mopeds.

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