Saturday, January 19, 2013

Costa Rica, 2013.

Well, I didn't manage to post all of my travel photos from this past summer like I wanted to, prior to arriving here in Costa Rica...but that's fine. And it just shows me that I take far too many photos :)

I honestly can't believe Carli and I are on another trip! It seems as though we just came back from our last trip, which is funny, because when we were home it seemed as though we had been home forever. This time is completely different from our last; we decided to take only carry-on luggage and are kind of winging it! (Last time, everything was meticulously planned out. And we brought way too much.) We knew we wanted to see both the beach and the volcanic area that Costa Rica offers--but we didn't really decide in advance how we were going to get to both destinations. You can either fly, or rent a car and take a ferry, and we decided (a few hours ago) on the latter! We met some really helpful people on the plane, and are looking forward to our adventure tomorrow. That said, I should get to sleep, since we need to wake up pretty early.  Pura vida!

^^Token dog photo, prior to leaving.

                                      ^^Anddd again. His sweet face... ugh! He knew I was leaving.

^^I really wanted to keep things to a minimum, so everything was travel sized and ready to carry-on. Last time I had a few things that were thrown away as I moved them from my luggage to my carry-on. Lesson learned.
                     ^^En route to Costa Rica, with our hats that were graciously gifted from I Love Fashion! (I confess: we were happy with how this photo came out, seeing as it was super early in the morning!)

                              ^^Tradition number 1: eat french fries daily, beginning with the airport.

          ^^We arrived kind of late, and the only thing that was open was a Chinese restaurant. Ironically, it is probably the best Chinese food I've eaten. Who'd have thought I'd need to travel to Costa Rica for that.

^^So. Apparently, we can't take glass outside? I was seriously confused as to why someone began pouring my soda out into a bag.

I'm going to really, really try to post nightly. Here's to tomorrow, and taking far too many photos!


  1. Looks fun already! Can't wait to see more!! :)

  2. loving the pictures! the ones of you two at the airport are gorggg :)