Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Costa Rica, 2013 (part IV).

Beautiful Santa Teresa...I have such post-travel blues putting these photos up. Le sigh.

^^I just want to be in this very spot, with that same coffee and little chocolate packet. Right. Now.
^^How adorable is this? My answer is a big fat "yes." We went to a beach-side breakfast at "Roc a Mar," owned by the same (cute) boys & family as our dinner the night prior.
 ^^Isn't the view great?
So. Instagram is pretty useful--and for more than just stalking people who fortunately don't have their photos  "private" (oh, I'm @krittab). I love coming across cool travel photos, or "popular" photography photos, so when I came across a photo of two girls in the ocean flipping their hair to make a water-shaped heart, I knew Carli and I had to mimic that photo to the best of our ability. (It only took 40ish photos to get right, from my tripod that was left in Costa Rica...ugh.)

 ^^This whole process cracks me up.
^^And this photo is just too much; I can't stop laughing when I see it.
^^Okay. This would have been perfect, had I been in the shot. The heart looked pretty symmetrical, and the bird in the shot...I mean, c'mon. If only I had my camera at a different angle...

 ^^Running toward my beloved tripod to re-set the timer.

^^Typical KB/Carli shots.


^^And I proved to myself that I can still do a bit of gymnastics. The idea of turning 30 in the next few years can freak me out (but kind of excite me at the same time), and I want to make sure that "I still got it." (In many contexts, including gymnastics!)


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  1. Looks like a nice holiday!