Thursday, January 24, 2013

Costa Rica, 2013 (part III).

Like I mentioned on the last post, we rented a car on our first real day in Costa Rica. It made the most sense for us because we were going to Arenal after Santa Teresa. We rented an SUV, and thankfully so. The roads put Massachusetts crazy roads with potholes to shame.

    ^^The ush. Teaching anyone we see "westside," including the boys who rented us the car. 

After driving from San Jose to Puntarenas, we took a ferry to Pacquera...and then drove through a few towns to get to Santa Teresa. We drove across so much of Costa Rica! It was seriously one of the coolest experiences ever, and I'll never forget it. Oh--don't ever stop for anyone claiming to be a ferry attendant--they probably are not one. Just an FYI.
                                        ^^Despite not seeing the water here, it's a quick ferry pic!

^^As soon as we got to Santa Teresa, we were approached by locals. We had fresh coconut juice within minutes of arriving!

                                                     **More on Surf Vista Villas here**
^^Our first amazing sunset here.
                ^^Love this. Carli snapped it on her phone. I plopped right down on that hammock as soon as we arrived at our villa.
^^This is probably one of my favorite trip photos that I took of Carli, and in general. (iPhone photo, too!)

 ^^And another cell phone flick -- not filtered at all...

         ^^It was time for dinner pretty much when we got to S.T., and had the cutest dinner at "Kika." To be honest, we chose that place because there was a group of cute boys outside of it, HA!

 ^^This pork was a "grandmother's famous recipe!" It came highly recommended, and I totally know why. (I pretty much ate off of Carli's plate versus eating my tuna.)

 ^^A couple of those boys I was referring to, above! The one to the upper left runs the restaurant, and his grandmother is the infamous chef who created the pork dish. So. Good.

And that's a wrap on day 1!

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