Monday, January 21, 2013

Costa Rica, 2013 (part II).

Okay okay, I know I said I'd post daily. In my defense, I didn't get the WiFi password from my villa until today! I should apologize in advance for the amount of photos taken--but I'd just wind up apologizing on a very regular basis if I did that.

                               ^^The view from our hotel room in Santa Ana (near San Jose).

                                                            ^^Plantains & gallo pinto :)

 ^^Here is the start of our drive to Santa Teresa!

                                       ^^Anyone who knows and loves me will understand.

^^There are places called "sodas" that are kind of like a mom-and-pop type spot, if you will, where you just stop and eat! (Carli actually stayed in the car while I went and got the food. You need to be kind of careful of your belongings here.) They have tacos, burgers, chicken, rice and beans, etc. (And it's cheap!)


                        ^^We were up pretty high at one point of the drive--it was as though we were driving through the clouds...!

Our drive was long(ish), but beyond worth it. I have to upload more photos tomorrow, because this blog entry will just get ridiculous. There is still more of the drive, then we hopped on a ferry, and then we had to drive off the ferry through 2 more towns until we reached Santa Teresa. It may sound annoying, but it wasn't. It was amazing. I'm hoping you'll be able to see the beauty through these photos!

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