Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Costa Rica, 2013 (part IV).

Beautiful Santa Teresa...I have such post-travel blues putting these photos up. Le sigh.

^^I just want to be in this very spot, with that same coffee and little chocolate packet. Right. Now.
^^How adorable is this? My answer is a big fat "yes." We went to a beach-side breakfast at "Roc a Mar," owned by the same (cute) boys & family as our dinner the night prior.
 ^^Isn't the view great?
So. Instagram is pretty useful--and for more than just stalking people who fortunately don't have their photos  "private" (oh, I'm @krittab). I love coming across cool travel photos, or "popular" photography photos, so when I came across a photo of two girls in the ocean flipping their hair to make a water-shaped heart, I knew Carli and I had to mimic that photo to the best of our ability. (It only took 40ish photos to get right, from my tripod that was left in Costa Rica...ugh.)

 ^^This whole process cracks me up.
^^And this photo is just too much; I can't stop laughing when I see it.
^^Okay. This would have been perfect, had I been in the shot. The heart looked pretty symmetrical, and the bird in the shot...I mean, c'mon. If only I had my camera at a different angle...

 ^^Running toward my beloved tripod to re-set the timer.

^^Typical KB/Carli shots.


^^And I proved to myself that I can still do a bit of gymnastics. The idea of turning 30 in the next few years can freak me out (but kind of excite me at the same time), and I want to make sure that "I still got it." (In many contexts, including gymnastics!)


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Travel deals & steals.


Today, I have another secret to share with you: I am not rich. Or almost rich. Or almost almost rich. (At all.) Now, judging from my travels over the last 6 months, you may think otherwise; but it's the truth. Like anything I do, I really research the heck out of it. Traveling is no different. I set alerts for all these different places months in advance, and just watch the trends! It's actually kind of simple: you see prices drop, and then they raise, and then they drop, and then they raise. Naturally, you buy during the drop! I would say it's easier to not have a specific destination in mind, because then if you just see an absurdly low price for a random plane ticket somewhere, you can just nab it on the spot! But if not, try to squeeze a few months prior to traveling where you want, and just pay attention to those same trends.

I get asked a lot about the different websites I use for airfare, how I find "cute" accommodations, etc., so below I've listed some of my trusty resources. (Funny enough, as I'm typing this, my friend Ingrid just sent me a message saying I should be a travel agent.) I hope this helps!
  1.  I'd say this is where you'd typically hear me scream, "winner winner chicken dinner!" I feel like I hit the jackpot with airfare here. (I'd say this site is my wife, while others are the sidepiece/s. Ha.) Sign up for price alerts! I receive them daily, for over a dozen destinations (and from multiple email accounts, so I can watch even more trends). You can receive weekly alerts, if daily is too much.
  2. Sign up for deals particular to your departure city! Here is where I'd just sit and wait for an overall package deal. I went to Hawaii in 2010 (Waikiki, specifically), for roughly $300.00 total. Yes, total. Airfare, taxes, and lodging were included.
  3. is also a great place to sign up for price notifications, and you can set thresholds so no prices over whatever amount you choose will be sent to you. 
  4. Groupon Getaways and Bloomspot travel are other great sources if you are open to traveling wherever, whenever. Ah, so is (These deals are a little pricier but maybe more luxurious?)
  5. Finally, I can use Travelocity, Orbitz Expedia, and SouthWest Click 'N Save for both airline and package searching, comparing and contrasting. I guess I pretty much exhaust any and every resource possible...but it is so worth it.  
Let me know if you find any great deals, based upon these tips, and happy hunting! :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Ink (Costa Rica addition).

I can't help but to stare at notice tattoos no matter where I am, so it was no different in Costa Rica. It didn't hurt that this guy willingly took off his shirt to show me more of his ink, either...

^^Can you say "guapo!"
                       ^^This chick was so rad. She was from right outside of Sacramento, California, and said she noticed right away that Carli and I were from LA (#westside!). This tattoo she actually drew herself!
            ^^"It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything."

Positive energy.

I want to send some love and positive vibes out into the world, and some specifically to one of my dearest friends, Kenny. He's the one who wrote me this letter, which I'll cherish forever.

I love you, Kenny. xo.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Costa Rica, 2013 (part III).

Like I mentioned on the last post, we rented a car on our first real day in Costa Rica. It made the most sense for us because we were going to Arenal after Santa Teresa. We rented an SUV, and thankfully so. The roads put Massachusetts crazy roads with potholes to shame.

    ^^The ush. Teaching anyone we see "westside," including the boys who rented us the car. 

After driving from San Jose to Puntarenas, we took a ferry to Pacquera...and then drove through a few towns to get to Santa Teresa. We drove across so much of Costa Rica! It was seriously one of the coolest experiences ever, and I'll never forget it. Oh--don't ever stop for anyone claiming to be a ferry attendant--they probably are not one. Just an FYI.
                                        ^^Despite not seeing the water here, it's a quick ferry pic!

^^As soon as we got to Santa Teresa, we were approached by locals. We had fresh coconut juice within minutes of arriving!

                                                     **More on Surf Vista Villas here**
^^Our first amazing sunset here.
                ^^Love this. Carli snapped it on her phone. I plopped right down on that hammock as soon as we arrived at our villa.
^^This is probably one of my favorite trip photos that I took of Carli, and in general. (iPhone photo, too!)

 ^^And another cell phone flick -- not filtered at all...

         ^^It was time for dinner pretty much when we got to S.T., and had the cutest dinner at "Kika." To be honest, we chose that place because there was a group of cute boys outside of it, HA!

 ^^This pork was a "grandmother's famous recipe!" It came highly recommended, and I totally know why. (I pretty much ate off of Carli's plate versus eating my tuna.)

 ^^A couple of those boys I was referring to, above! The one to the upper left runs the restaurant, and his grandmother is the infamous chef who created the pork dish. So. Good.

And that's a wrap on day 1!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Costa Rica, 2013 (part II).

Okay okay, I know I said I'd post daily. In my defense, I didn't get the WiFi password from my villa until today! I should apologize in advance for the amount of photos taken--but I'd just wind up apologizing on a very regular basis if I did that.

                               ^^The view from our hotel room in Santa Ana (near San Jose).

                                                            ^^Plantains & gallo pinto :)

 ^^Here is the start of our drive to Santa Teresa!

                                       ^^Anyone who knows and loves me will understand.

^^There are places called "sodas" that are kind of like a mom-and-pop type spot, if you will, where you just stop and eat! (Carli actually stayed in the car while I went and got the food. You need to be kind of careful of your belongings here.) They have tacos, burgers, chicken, rice and beans, etc. (And it's cheap!)


                        ^^We were up pretty high at one point of the drive--it was as though we were driving through the clouds...!

Our drive was long(ish), but beyond worth it. I have to upload more photos tomorrow, because this blog entry will just get ridiculous. There is still more of the drive, then we hopped on a ferry, and then we had to drive off the ferry through 2 more towns until we reached Santa Teresa. It may sound annoying, but it wasn't. It was amazing. I'm hoping you'll be able to see the beauty through these photos!