Thursday, December 13, 2012

Date night (with myself).

I promised I'd follow up with a story, so here goes...

Last Thursday night, I decided to get out of my sweats (which I don't do too often; I work alone, which doesn't help) and take myself out for a nice meal and a glass of wine. And I did just that. (Let's insert a hashtag here, for fun: #independentwoman!) I wore a cute outfit--and even heard a girl compliment me as she passed by, score!--and took myself to my favorite restaurant, Takami. (It's on the 21st floor of a building downtown and has such a pretty view. Oh, and the food is so good.)

So, I sat down, ordered a glass of wine, edemame, and sea bass, and planned on having a nice date with myself. I had been so busy with work, life, etc., that I was really looking forward to a mellow night alone. Side note: I sat down next to a girl who immediately asked me, "Oh, are you waiting for someone too?" My answer was a very happy "nope!" Apparently I'm one of the few who will go eat by themselves if hungry. And, one of the few who take themselves out on a date. HA.

My initial plan was quickly derailed when I was given a shot for someones birthday. It was really funny, because my bartender-turned-friend (I eat at this place way too often) even said "nice try, Krista," in regards to my initial glass of wine. Le sigh. Nonetheless, the shot made me want to stay out a bit later than expected, and so I popped by the pub right by my apartment on my way home from Takami. I'm kind of happy I did, because I wound up hanging out with a super cute boy from Australia--I won't even discuss the accent, swoon!--but the irony is how my night totally flip-flopped from a self-date, to essentially a real one! (Well, it wasn't a date, but you get the point.) So, for those of you who think it's kind of awkward going out alone, I beg to differ. Get out there, you'll never know who you could meet, or what fun you could have by doing so!

The end :)

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  1. How did I miss this post?? So true! Once you're happy and content with yourself, the rest just falls into place! And go Kb! #girlpower