Friday, November 2, 2012

Matching tattoos.

Yay or nay? I'm usually pretty gung ho about tattoos, but matching ones are a whole 'nother story.

Getting a tattoo is a pretty permanent decision as is, so you really want to be sure that whoever you are deciding to match is someone worth the (very permanent) reminder. (This also applies when you are getting a tattoo for someone--but more on that later.)

Here are some of my personal "please think before you ink" tattoo ideas:
  • Names (particularly of soon to be ex boyfriends/girlfriends, and your own name--unless you need a reminder)
  • Lower back tattoos (aka the infamous "tramp stamp")
  • Kanji (are you sure you know what they mean?)
  • Cliché tattoos (butterflies, tribals, Kanji, etc.)
  • Face tattoos (this one's self-explanatory)
  • Someone else's tattoo (just sayin')
Now, because I'm not perfect, I'll share some details behind some of my personal ink:
  • My first tattoo is one that matches my friend/not-blood-but-blood-sister, Sophie. It also matches two other people who later copied it.
  • I have a tattoo for an old best friend (here's where I got the tattoo for someone...)
  • I have several more tribute tattoos for departed loved ones. And I'll probably get more of 'em.
  • I have a cliché heart tattoo; however, it was drawn by someone who is no longer here and I absolutely adore it.
  • I have a Balinese tattoo, which isn't Kanji, but it follows the same idea of "know what your tattoo means." (Which I sincerely hope I do, ha.)
  • I do have a small tattoo which I saw from a photo online. In my defense, mine is a slight variation of the original.
 What are your thoughts, would you consider a matching tattoo? 

Pinterest matching tattoos.

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