Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Long-distance friendships.

Remember my one friend, Lynden? (Ha.) She sent me this text last week, and it made my heart smile.

Sometimes I get a complex about being 3,000 miles away from close friends and family. I wonder if I'm missing out on the lives of who I love most. I wonder if I could be a better daughter, granddaughter, sister, friend or godmother if I lived within driving distance.  I could just pop on over and say hello to whoever, whenever... 

LA was the best move for me though. It gave me some opportunities that I wouldn't have had otherwise, and quite simply, it makes me happy. And in reality, the happiest version of you is the best version of you, so I guess that helps with me being the best daughter/granddaughter/sister/friend/godmother I can be too, right?

Forget "out of sight out of mind." If  someone is worth it to you, you put in an effort to maintain a relationship with them--no matter where they are located. We all get busy, sure, but I don't think we should get too busy for people we love. A 10 second text message like the one I received (above) can be enough to show someone you are thinking of them. It's almost like a virtual hug, especially if you are feeling a bit down.

And if you really really want to be remembered, it doesn't hurt to send gifts. Why do you think Lynden's kids apparently like me so much? Just sayin' :)

Long-distance friendship article quote: "It sounds silly, but when I wake up on the West Coast and see a text from hours earlier on the East Coast that says "Thought about oatmeal, got a banana and pita chips instead," I can hear my BFF talking. I feel loved, and more than that, I feel like I should make myself oatmeal and text her back, bragging about it."

Five minute phone calls (love this)

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