Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's my birthday.

And you know when people always ask you if you feel older on your birthday? I kind of do...

It's not like BAM I feel ancient from yesterday to today, but the idea of saying "I'm twenty-seven" for the next 364 days will take some getting used to. My friend Charlie would try to make me feel better about past birthdays by comparing my age to a fine bottle of wine (it ages well - ha)!

Getting older can have it's perks; I took today off to have a "Krista" day and do whatever I wanted. I got an iced coffee and a mani/pedi, went shopping, took the dogs to Malibu--my favorite thing to do--(see photo above) and had a fantastic lunch and dinner with friends. Can it get any better? (That's a nod to Chandler Bing from Friends, one of the best shows ever IMHO.)

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