Monday, November 26, 2012

Girls' weekends.

Are so totally necessary--at any age.
It can be hard making new friends when you are out of school, especially good girl friends. People move, they are starting their careers, getting involved in serious relationships, starting families, and are simply doing their own thing. It was even a bit more difficult for me to make friends while attending college in a new state, because I lived off-campus. Fortunately, on my first day of school I met someone who lived just a street away, and she quickly introduced me to all of her friends (thanks, Tina!), so that was my substitute for meeting people on-campus. (They are still my closest friends in LA, 8 plus years later!)

I met my friend Carli (above photo, left) through friends of these friends. She would tell you we met 5/6 years ago at a birthday party; however, I'd say we re-met/became friends a year or so after, when we'd hang out with mutual friends. We both are relatively small with blonde hair (well, at the time I was blonde), so people immediately pegged us as sisters, which was kind of fun. And we've been really close since! (This past summer we took an amazing vacation, visiting Australia, Bali, and Singapore--where everyone thought we were sisters.)

Carli drove downtown Friday to spend the night (which not a lot of Westsiders do, even only 10 miles away!), and I was really looking forward to some good girl time. She wound up staying through Sunday for the perfect girls' weekend! Friday night, she cooked an amazing, healthy chicken pot pie, plucked from one of my cookbooks. I usually do the cooking, but this time she took the reigns...and I'll never cook again when she comes over because she did so well (sorry, Carli!). Saturday, we got coffee and croissants for breakfast, and then walked around the city all day, like over 6 hours.  We wound up doing too much shopping--including our matching sweats, above--but we figured we needed new outfits for our upcoming trip to Costa Rica, so it was okay. (And it was just fun.) We made turkey chili cheese fries for dinner, watched TV, slept, and then woke up for a lazy Sunday where we made breakfast sandwiches, painted our nails, and even began decorating my apartment for Christmas.

Talk about the epitome of a girls' weekend, right? I forgot how nice it was to squeeze in some quality girl time. (Love you, Carli!)

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