Monday, November 5, 2012

Engaged- Myisa & Steve.

Myisa and Steve are two cool--and too cool--Los Angeles transplants who I was super excited to shoot this past weekend. They needed an equally cool setting that would both compliment their hip style and be a subtle nod to their new life in L.A., and LACMA was the perfect place.
I had such a cheeseball grin on my face for the entire time spent with these guys; I think I was actually smiling from inside out. With Steve's sweet and attentive demeanor toward Myisa, and her bright smile and too-cute-for-words-dimples, I just couldn't help it. And neither could everyone else, because I certainly was not the only one taking pictures of these two! They probably have all of the Internet swooning right now without even knowing it.
Myisa and Steve, I'm not even sure how to sum up the love that I was fortunate enough to witness and capture yesterday. You guys adore each other, and I adore you. Period.


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  2. These are amazing surprise given your talent!