Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weekend staycation.

Ziggy, Nellie
Breaking News:  This past weekend was another weekend spent home alone with the dogs! And it was great.

After a long week of work, sometimes I'd rather forgo the cocktails with friends and just veg out at home with my dogs. I don't need to get dressed up or put on makeup, and I can eat whatever I want to no judgement (thank god the dogs don't talk).
For this weekend's home "staycation," I opted to order movies On-Demand, try new recipes, and snuggle up with the mutts.

Sometimes I wonder if I am (borderline) a "crazy dog lady," but then I think screw it, I might as well own it if I am.
That said, more of my dogs here.

And here.

And here and here.

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