Thursday, October 11, 2012

The gift was a curse.

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I feel pretty bad.

Last year, I gave one of my best friends a birthday gift that I knew she would love: a customized art canvas that said "There's no place like home." It was perfect for her new apartment with her boyfriend.

At the bottom of the canvas it had her name, her boyfriend's name, and their anniversary. And they just broke up.

I actually did question the purchase at the time, thinking "what would she do with this if they ever broke up?" But I assumed that was just the realist in me overshadowing a sweet gesture, so I moved forward with the purchase.

Well, I got the text message today asking what she should do with the canvas, because it doesn't make her smile anymore. Ugh. That broke my heart! I suddenly felt like a terrible friend, and needed to come up with something fun she could do with the canvas, quick! I suggested painting right over it. Or covering it with some fun cloth, and making it a tackboard. What I really want to do though, is print an old photo I took and send it to her--she asked for it some time ago when I printed it for my mother's birthday. She can just staple the new canvas right over the original piece!

Today, I appreciate her not reading blogs, or checking emails I send her.


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