Monday, October 15, 2012

Send a card, not a text.

There is nothing better than opening your mailbox and finding a letter. Not a bill, not random spam mail, but an actual handwritten letter (or card, etc.) that just clearly states "I'm thinking of you." Doesn't the concept alone seem so dated for 2012?

I passed by an art store today that had a sign out front that read "send a card, not a text." I thought it was fantastic! I always walk by dozens of people with their eyes glued to their phone screen, and it gets me thinking about how impersonal communication is nowadays. I talk--a lot--and find it so much more fulfilling to actually speak to someone. And I feel the same about writing a letter--I even mailed out postcards from my recent summer travels! The extra effort really goes a long way.

Since I had been thinking about this, I decided to pour over old boxes filled with old photos and handwritten notes of sorts (some even dating back to elementary school!).

How sweet is this one? My friend Kenny wrote it freshman year of highschool.

He is still one of my best friends :)

(I'll be framing these, too.)

PS, how fun would it be to send a letter with a wax seal?

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  1. That note is adorable! Def a keeper. Totally agree, getting snail mail, esp unexpectedy is one of the most sincere and simple gestures you can do for someone!