Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Make your bed.

It doesn't matter that no one sees your bed, or that you will "un-make" it later tonight; making your bed actually sets the tone for the entire day. If the first thing you do when you get up is create an organized and peaceful environment, chances are you'll manage to continue that same rhythm throughout your day.  An article published by Apartment Therapy, appropriately titled "Make Your Bed!" calls this a "keystone habit" that can also increase productivity and profit.

You have to admit, doesn't your room look so fresh with a newly-dressed bed? The last time I bought new bedding, I kept a classic Miranda Sex and the City quote in mind: "I'm trying to change my bed karma. I figure if I can make my bed a place I really want to be, others will feel the same."

I think it's time for a re-design.

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