Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dogs and the city.

The city dwellers: Ziggy & Nellie
If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me if my dogs were happy living in a downtown Los Angeles apartment, I'd surely be rich.

Okay. Upon first glance, I get it. You see a dog (or two) walking along concrete sidewalks. Buses are speeding by, car horns are honking, there's a ton of foot traffic, and then you think to yourself, "Oh, I bet those poor dogs wish they had a yard!"


I am here to tell you that I politely disagree (or to simply-and-politely tell you that you are just wrong).  Sure, my dogs love frolicking through the grass and running on sandy beaches; however, they seem to like their life as city residents just fine. I mean, they look pretty happy (above), don't you think?

This morning, while your dog is conveniently strutting through his (or her) doggie door to go to the bathroom in your lush backyard, mine are going on a 1.2 mile uphill walk to Walt Disney Concert Hall. This evening, your dog is independently roaming as he (or she) pleases-within a fenced in space-and my dogs are socializing at the local dog park. This weekend, your dog is joining you outside for a barbecue, and mine are coming with me to get out of the apartment and hike in Malibu.

I'm not saying that living in the city is better; I'm just saying that my dogs are happy in the city. (We all are.) Nellie and Ziggy can prance through water fountains on a hot day, drink from the designated doggie bowl outside of the café where I'm having my latté (and where we walked to), and they can interact regularly with a lot of other dogs whose owners have a similar routine. This last point is super important for my nervous little guy, Ziggy, who is in the process of learning that other dogs aren't so bad...

When it comes down to it, city-dog owners have to make a conscious effort to be present. We need to pay extra attention to space, routine, exercise, and play. And my dogs don't seem to mind at all.

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  1. Sometimes I think you like your dogs more than I like my own children. (human ones) Being a city dog is in no way limiting their lifestyle...you are one of the most attentive dog owners I know! Coming from a dog owner of two. , in the suburbs, with a back yard. It's nice that you were polite but they're DEF wrong .