Monday, December 31, 2012

Lipstick personality.

(Photo above, courtesy of my mother, Sharon.)

My friend Roxy mentioned she liked a lipstick I had--the one from the Big, gold chain post actually--and I wound up telling her how crazy my mother made her lipstick (see above, center for the most accurate representation). I remember growing up thinking it was nuts how she would transform her lipsticks into the crazy shapes she did. I mean, I don't think I could do that if I tried! I do tend to make fun of her for being disorganized and kind of careless (I'm saying this with love), so I mentioned to Roxy that my mom's lipstick totally fit who she was as a person. Funny enough, Roxy said she had just read an article about how your lipstick pretty much personifies you.  So, here are some lipstick personalities from!  Apparently, my mother is quite the individualist. I think I'm between The Executive (holla!) and The Sweetheart (hmm...). Which shape/ personality are you?

PS, my lipstick is COVERGIRL hot passion.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Sydney, Australia (part II)

Carli and I had the cutest breakfast at the Freckle Face Cafe (how cute is their little slogan!) just down the street from our hotel. After that, we took a stroll down to the Harbour to take some photos, and do gymnastics. The latter part wasn't well thought out, after a huge breakfast and two coffees...but the photos came out cool, which is all that matters, right? :)



stay tuned for part III...!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas and the city.

From my apartment, downtown LA! I know, I should have posted this a bit sooner. But I didn' here are photos from my decidedly festive Christmas, with my mutts!  (PS, I love the bokeh; I took far too many photos with/of my tree...!)


Can you tell to whom each stocking belongs? ;)

He was so excited, he took off with his stocking (even though he could hardly see)! I couldn't stop laughing.


  and here's my sweet, patient girl...



I swear, he could not have been happier...

I hope you all had a safe and wonderful holiday! That's my Christmas story, 2012. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! The end. :)

Happy Holidays!

From me and mine, to you and yours! Wishing you the best of health, wealth, and happiness.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Sydney, Australia.

August, 2012

There was really no rhyme or reason for any of it. Carli and I were just bored one day and thought we should "buy a ticket and go." We had no particular destination, we just wanted to go somewhere. Anywhere! So, that very day, we did...(well, the "buying a ticket" part of the equation happened).

(All photos are mine unless stated otherwise)

A "small" trip turned into a "not-so-small" trip when we booked our first plane Australia. And since we were essentially flying across the world,  I mean, it made sense to see some other places while over there, right? And what's close to Australia? Well, to us, it was Bali...and also Singapore. (!!!)

But back to destination 1: Sydney. After searching for accommodations, we selected the vibe HOTEL in North Sydney, because of its name (we liked the vibe of the Vibe), reasonable pricing, and because of its location. The latter was perfect for us tourists; the train station was a stone's throw away, and the view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge could not have been better (ie tourist heaven).

En route to the hotel!
the vibe HOTEL
Sydney Harbour Bridge (hotel view!)
North Sydney
Bellhop Carli
Hotel room view
 Train station / hotel location

                                         Btw, how cute is Carli on the bellhop cart?

We were running purely on adrenaline after our flights (thinking back, I have no clue how we did it), and decided to grab a bite to eat and walk along the Harbour Bridge down to Pitt Street, where we managed to put a good dent in our wallets after not even half a day--our first day nonetheless! Aside from the fantastic shopping, I couldn't get over how beautiful the city was; the intricately designed buildings, coolness--literally and figuratively speaking--brought on by the end of winter, and the well-dressed people...ugh! I kind of loved that we went during the off-season too, because we were really able to get a feel for what life would be like if we lived in Sydney, versus merely vacationing there.

Adorable schoolboys
Beautiful architecture
Photo op! (natch)
Sydney Harbour Bridge jumping
(and apologizing for said jumping)
Sydney Opera House
Locks (of love)
Australian Hotel (where we ate lunch/I ate my first Australian french fry)
Pitt Street (& fruit market!)

                                                          Note: more of Carli's cuteness

                                    (I loved seeing the brightly colored fruit in the winter) 

                   Anddd here's where the wallet-denting began to take place...(it was so worth it)!

 (we kind of thought she looked like me...!)

How fun are those last 2 shots for us Angeleno's? I should have bought the shirt above. (I didn't because I have too many tanks/tees/graphic anything...but now I wish I did. Womp. There were so many good stores on Pitt Street!) I think I failed to mention that I took over 2,000 shots on this trip, so with that said, I'll be separating upcoming travel posts in hopes of less photo spam. (It's also because I'm getting frustrated with my photos moving and dis-aligning on their own accord.) I want to go back to Australia!